Looking to Block Spam Mails In Yahoo Account!! Here’s How You Can Do It?


It’s quite frustrating or fuming for an email user to receive spam mails in his/her inbox. Unwanted email that keeps filling up the inbox, not only makes the person irritated but also takes the mail box space eventually trouble users a lot when they are not able to receive the important mails in the specific folder for which filter is already created in Yahoo email account. With advancement in technology, Yahoo Inc keep itself quite ahead of the spammers and give its best to control unsolicited activities that make the email users frustrated on regular basis.

The trouble starts from the time when users are not able to receive the verification code sent on their secondary Yahoo email address which is full of spam mails. This verification code actually helps a user to recover Hacked Yahoo account password within chunks of seconds. The regular accumulation of junk or messages in bulk quantity, create a lot of trouble for them as verification code is quite important for them to recuperate or recover hacked Yahoo account. A bit of delay due to this spam email accumulation can lead to troubles for the user as he/she may lose their Yahoo email account permanently if no proper action is taken to perform Yahoo password reset


What About Those Users; Who do not Recognize Spam Mails?


For those users; who do not recognize the spam mails, here are some identification /clues enumerated for their convenience so that they can identify the presence of spam or junk mails that have filled up their Yahoo account.

·        A false or misleading content with improper header details

·        Subjects lines are quite descriptive rather than being meaningful

·        No unsubscribe link to see to stop future mails

·        Opt-out requests, if shown take you to massive popup that does not close.

·        Auto-generated Emails sent by companies running marketing campaigns


How to Block Spam Messages in Yahoo Mail?


·        Identify spam and legitimate Advertising messages getting accumulated in Yahoo Inbox.

·        Block email addresses  that persistently keep on sending junk mails in email account Inbox.

·        Immediately unsubscribe or opt out of unwanted or illegitimate agencies running marketing campaigns.

·        Select the junk messages accumulated in Inbox folder and click on the button Mark as spam to transfer it in junk or spam folder displayed in the left side bar.

·        Create Filters specifically to transfer junk messages to specific spam folder rather than getting accumulated in Inbox.

·        Edit the spam filter if already created and check the settings that are malfunctioned and perform modifications so that filter can work properly from now on wards.

There are certain other actions that also get affected due to the regular intrusion of junk messages in the Yahoo Inbox as spam filter all of the sudden stops working due to some or the other technical problems. Users cannot contact Yahoo customer service helpdesk team in quick time as the response time is always delayed from their end once the email is sent to them regarding problems faced on a continuous basis due to a persistent issue.

This all happens due to the absence of official Yahoo Toll Free Number that could have been quit helpful for users as they would have taken instant assistance from experts working therein and get spam mail blocked tine before it makes the things worst. But for the convenience, Yahoo has revealed the above mentioned steps following which any of the users can block spam mail intrusion in the inbox or other folder and can easily divert the same to junk folder if any of the unwanted messages gets stored in Inbox.








For More Info :  http://www.yahoosupportnumber.net/


Or  Dial Yahoo Toll Free Number


+1 - 855-777-5686 (USA/CANADA)

+44-800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)